Good Wealth? Good Health?

bigger better


I’m still playing around with lyrics and poems so here’s another one for you:

I’m inspired by the sad sad stories of people loosing their lives and possessions.

I’m inspired by how much humanity is being lost in the world

I’m inspired by the need for change:

-In perception

-Need for love and peace… love more love….





All I need is the fuel to set it all ablaze

Nothing last forever. Humanity’s lost its gaze

The struggles ..The heart aches …Yet Stupidity ruins it all.

Like headless chickens.. We run aroundΒ till we fall.

Chasing polished coal… Forgetting we are the treasure

Wealth, greed, selfishness. ..Its a swag when we feel the pressure.

Adapting, conforming …Just our need to be one in wealth

Yet we forget… The hidden treasures lie in happiness and Good health.




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