It’s a New Year!!

I’ve toured England with my band. I’ve quit my band, not gone solo, but then traveled solo on some self discovery sh*t. Boy! it felt good!

The amazing peace and tranquility you feel abroad, is one I cant begin to unravel with words. It got me thinking….

It was never about the environment, or the people. It was the difference in lifestyle and priorities.

Growing up in the UK, the major priority is getting your bills sorted. From student loans, to electricity bills, to car rentals and bills, to whatever they could bill really. Water bills, car VAT, MOT…etc.

Visiting a country like Nigeria for 10 days was a mind opener!! I felt like Brain Cooper having just popped one of those pills from “Limitless”!! The opportunities that lay in front of me were countless. My priorities automatically changed!

Here’s my summary of what goes on in a country like Nigeria: “Its’s fair to say the government really screws them. But these individuals have realized that the power is still in their hands. So they work really hard against all odds to own their own empire, which they make not just untouchable but in most cases needed by the government.”

Hard work really goes a long way! Especially working hard in the right direction!

Invest in yourself. It would be a shame to let everyone use you but God.

Know your destiny and just go for it….

It’s a New YEAR!





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