Life is tricky…We try so hard and sometimes the results are less than our expectations.

We give but do not always receive…

Where does the motivation come from to continue living?

What is the reason for existence?

Engineer and software Producer Naz once said “See life this way…It’s gone on for years endlessly…You just get one shot at this beautiful experience to do the most with the time you’re given”

Like a movie….

Only difference is you get one shot at this! You choose your character…You can always change it, but once the end comes that’s the end….No part 2!

Some choose religion as a motivation…others self-improvement…

It hardly matters….just as long as you live HAPPY!!…And that can only happen when you gain full control and do what you know is best for YOU!


I have been asked how travelling around has affected my relationships….honestly? The only friends I need are family…This includes friends who became family along the way and the many who wish me best to understand I alone have to achieve my destiny and offer help regardless. I think about it and honestly? The more “friends” you keep the more distracted you could get. Unless you keep friends who are just as motivated as YOU!!…

It’s good to be nice and friendly but everyone’s got a different route and if you love someone you must understand! I have a few rules I’ve stuck to over these few years that has really helped me getting to where I need to be in Life and I thought it might be nice to share to share a few with you:

  • Never ever do favours that take the most from you. It’s not coming from the heart!
  • Never give up! You Only Live Once! And life will go on with or without you!
  • Never regret past mistakes…You will not learn! Appreciate them and the lessons they teach you!
  • Be happy…always!! You’re ALIVE!!!
  • It’s okay to fail…It’s not the end of the world!!…
  • Be grateful!!…It goes a long way.
  • Always be YOURSELF!!…Regardless!!
  • Be honest!!…Never say what you do not mean or cannot do…It is disappointing and never reflects any good on you…It breaks TRUST!
  • Live your life for YOU…only YOU!!
  • Love everyone! Hate only bears forth negative emotions you could totally live without!!
  • Apologise! You can be wrong. You are only human!
  • Avoid arguments….Only Creative ones…
  • Learn to love you!
  • Be loyal….and finally?
  • Get away!!…Whenever life get too tough for you to handle book a holiday! You will be amazed to see how people in different parts of the world learn to use the most of what they have!…

And above all, always remember: It will all make sense in the end…If it doesn’t? It’s not the end yet.

Happy Sunday All….


PrincessNicoleTaylor #2014




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