Heartless Carer Movie Premiere Live Red Carpet Interviews!!


Cast and Crew on the Red Carpet

I had so much fun at this première…The première of Heartless Carer by Francis Uwadi…

The stars all looked amazing and the support was unbelievable!!…

I met so many upcoming artists and  I can honestly say LondoNollywood can only get better!! The already renowned stars were just brilliant at coming to support and those involved in the movie surely did not disappoint!   Congratulations to Francis and his crew… Hope you guys enjoy the little fun video of interviews conducted on the day…courtesy of Nicole Taylor Show in association with Genesis Studios….I had such a great time!!


Image by Daniel Sync

All rights to video belong to Genesis Studios and Princess Nicole Taylor.

One Response to “Heartless Carer Movie Premiere Live Red Carpet Interviews!!”
  1. Sorry Nicole. Just saw where to reply and comment. Sorry this is late but i must say u are the best and God will give u more grace. I ll never 4get what u ve done for me. You are star. God bless.

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