Official Launch-International Games/International Attack 2013!!


The occasion was indeed exceptional, as friends, family and fans came out  to launch the official Release of international Games/International Attack on DVD!!

Queen, who hosted the show got people sponsoring the occasion with as little as £50 to as much as £8 000 pledges on the night!!

DSC01411 DSC01415

Queen and Sponsors:

Cast of the movie: Yvonne Hays, Ikenna Obi, and Theodora Ibekwe were also present to support co-actress and movie Producer Rita Nzelu.

DSC01484Yvonne Hays, Rita Nzelu and Ikenna Obi

Producer and Actress Theodora Ibekwe also came with her newly married beau Ayo!!

They looked gorgeous!!

DSC01420 DSC01426 DSC01419

Theodora And Ayo

Rita and Husband Simeon were both present to show appreciation to the crowd that came out to support their launch;


Rita and Simeon

They also looked adorable as Rita Nzelu wore a lovely lacy gold dress


Rita and Simeon

The event was really crowded with a huge amount of guests present to grab a copy of the hottest selling DVD in the Nollywood market in London!!

Even I grabbed one myself!!


Rita Nzelu and I

The lovely Miss Florence Blaster was also present and not only did she grab a few copies herself, she made a massive sale to Hon. Gbenga Aloto (Shabba)

DSC01454 DSC01519 DSC01533

Rita Nzelu and Florence Blaster(Top Right)                                                                        Florence Makes sales to Hon. Gbenga (Top Left)

Close family members of the International games/International Attack producer and featured actress Rita Nzelu all came out to show their support and no one left without grabbing a copy!! Copies actually!!

DSC01439 DSC01438 DSC01455

Rita Nzelu and Family

DSC01508 DSC01428

Rita and Family (Simeon’s Cousin Dubem far right)

With the helping hands of the lovely Chidi Ole and Co…Locating and picking up a DVD was no problem at all…The stalls were constantly refilled till all DVDs were sold out!!

DSC01433 DSC01437 CD

Chidi Ole and Valentino

And the guests who came out for the launch seemed to be happy with their purchases at the end of the night!

DSC01495 DSC01499 DSC01537


The other few who sponsored the launch took photographs with Producer/Actress Rita Nzelu as they claimed their personal copies!

DSC01550 DSC01549 DSC01488

Rita and Guests as they purchased copies of International Games/International Attack

The rest of the night involved lots of drinking, eating and lots more donations!!

The venue kept refilling as more guests piled in to grab a copy of the DVD!!

At about 2am, when all DVD copies of International Games/International Attack was sold out…We all called it a night!!

Below are more fun pictures from the night!…Enjoy!

Location Number 2 for DVD Launch Coming Soon so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

DSC01457 DSC01458

                             Rita Nzelu and good friends (Nkechi & Nnamdi)


Simeon Okoro and I

DSC01523 DSC01522

Jayzee Fizzle and Sexy Miss Florence Blaster

DSC01506 DSC01505

The celebration Continued: Theodora and Ayo with Miss Florence Baster.

Rita now DSC01526 DSC01525

Happy and Satisfied guests with their DVD Copy of International Games/International Attack


Miss Florence Baster

DSC01511 DSC01494 DSC01421

DSC01481 DSC01490 DSC01444



All pictures Used and their rights belong to Princess Nicole Taylor.


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