Iphone Owner gets pictures of Iphone thieves in their Pants!

These 2 thieves put themselves in the frame when they took snaps of their day at the seaside on a stolen iPhone!!



The amazing nature of technology!!

The pair were unaware the pictures were being sent automatically to the owner’s computer at home!1

£££Dozy-thieves-who-stole-a-womans-iPhone-took-pictures-of-themselves-posing-on-the-beach-unaware-the-snaps-were-being-2229591One Love to you too matey!

The victim turned it on and she found shots of the crooks in their undies!


The 27-year-old, who asked not to be named, said: “I’m guessing these gentlemen aren’t quite aware of how iPhones work.

“They decided to take my phone down to the beach to have a lovely day and use it to take many, many pictures, unaware that my Photo Stream and iCloud were both turned on.”

The victim says the phone was snatched by two men who distracted her at a restaurant in Southend, Essex. The device has since been blocked with the Find MyiPhone app.

All the photographs and information have been passed to police, who are investigating.




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