Simon Cowell is one happy father-to-be:


Simon Cowell, 53, had admitted that things in his life were changing for the better and he means it!

Not only is he expecting a child with Lauren Silverman;

He is also pretty excited to be a dad as he admitted so in a recent interview “I’m proud to be a dad … It’s something I hadn’t thought of before, but now I know I feel good about it,”



The couple was seen for the first time since news of Lauren’s pregnancy, walking along a French beach on Saturday.

simon-cowell-300Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman

And it seems our X Factor judge is set to become a first-time dad with Silverman, who came to a quick divorce settlement with her husband. Simon Cowell’s pal Andrew Silverman, just two weeks after the pregnancy bombshell!!

Whether or not Cowell and Silverman will ever tie the knot we can not say….

However the pair looked definitely like an item as they are on vaccination in the South of France.

“They are making plans together,” says the source, “for the future for themselves and the baby.”

Photo rights belong to People Magazine..


One Response to “Simon Cowell is one happy father-to-be:”
  1. Manuel says:

    When a man has almost everything the only thing he want is what he can’t have!!! “Sh*t Happens” like they say in America.

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