Please Do not Enter This BIN!!….




“The meaning of life is toΒ enjoy every minute”


Jealousy, Envy, Hate and all the other fruits of the devil bear no good fruits in our lives….The minute we loose focus of the game and focus on our competition, we could get entangled with people’s destiny BUT we loose the path to achieving our own!


Life is bound to be full of good and bad, success and failure, But HOPE gets us through it all, and a little faith to know there are powers way beyond our explanation, and sometimes we get lucky with a little hardwork.


Whatever you do, please…



Do not waste the priceless value of life and “Bin” it…

There’s more to life than you know and you just have to explore it…

Say a prayer…

Go for a run…

See a movie…

Or share a coke…



with Michael? πŸ™‚ If you know any..

But remember….

“life isn’t about finding yourself…life is about creating yourself”




Written by Princess Nicole Taylor…

(All rights to images used belong to Princess Nicole Taylor)



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