Nigerians will be in Space by 2015!!

Yes oo!!

Believe it or not, but so we have been told by Professor Seidu Mohammed, The director of the National Space Research and Development Agency that Nigeria should be up in space by 2015!!


Professor Seidu Mohammed

He confirmed this when posed with the question:

Where does your agency stand in its quest of having the first African scientist in space?

His response was:
“The programme is still on course. By our space roadmap, we are expecting to have our astronauts ready by 2015. We are prepared to send the first African scientist into space for advance level research for the benefit of our country’s national interest.”


He went on to explain that “Nigeria is still at a level where technology has not been main streamed as a cultural practise, so we will still give them the benefit of the doubt”


Nigeria is a country with plenty of resources and with a task like this ahead, we can only wish them the best!

We’re making history People!!….

Like they say…Only time will tell…2 years to go…



One Response to “Nigerians will be in Space by 2015!!”
  1. Big daddy says:

    I’ll eat my shorts and socks if this happens. I country that can’t generate enough electricity for its citizens wants to enter space? Joke of the year! Lol

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