May the best Event win!!…The problem with September the 14th!!

Anyone following with the recent updates in Afro-entertainment here in the UK might already be aware of the complications of this date…but if you didn’t, here’s what’s happening:

Remember the glamorous première of “London Na Wa” on the 26th of July 2013? logo Where tickets were being sold for £100 per head and still packed up 2 very large screens at the Odeon Cinema Greenwich? IMG_0248 copy The crowd was intense!

Well Mr. Nelson Spyk, Director and Producer of London Na Wa alongside Lodafriq and Ricdon Productions have decided to repeat this great occasion on the 14th of September, 2013 with a MIGHTY twist!! Tickets will be selling at a standard affordable price of £10 only per head!! An opportunity for the public to have a go at this year’s renowned comedy of the year!

kefe movie director London Na Wa Producer Mr. Nelson Spyk.

However, the many problems with this date is the launch and première of another nollywood movie- “Heartless Carer“!!

547469_10201812655061784_1830402582_nHeartless carer

A movie produced by Francis Uwadi and starring londonollywood very talented stars the likes of Miss Olivia Eze,

405355_501560599857727_631118114_nOlivia Eze

DSC_0785 copyMiss Eleanor Agala.

IMG_9919 copyChris Raymond

Stars also involved in Mr. Nelson’s London Na Wa!!

Heartless carer also stars nollywood producer and actress Miss Theodora Ibekwe, Actors Mr. Lanre Balogun and Ikenna Obi!!

Some of the stars that were present on the first release of London Na Wa to show their support.

IMG_0289 copyProducer Theodora Ibekwe @ London Na Wa 1st Première.

Tickets for heartless carer are being sold @ an also affordable price of £20 standard tickets, £40 VIP and £45 V.VIP.

Despite the clutter, The Nigerian Uk Based Achievement Award 2013 (NUBAA)

logo (1)

will be holding their award show on the 14th of September 2013, where nominees the likes of Miss Eleanor Agala, Miss Theodora Ibekwe and Miss Roseline Sanni-Ajose

Roseline Sanni-Ajose

Roseline Sanni-Ajose

All nominees for IrokoTv UK based female actress award and all also present at the 1st release of London Na Wa and with Miss Theodora Ibekwe and Eleanor Agala as stars in Francis’ Heartless Carer also being premièred the same night!

I guess the question is who will pull the biggest crowd?!!!

And by BIG I mean crowd and celebrities!!

3 great occasions all in one night…and by the looks of it, no one wants to give this date up for anyone else!!

And in case you’re planning an event, the big hint is stay away from the 14th of September!!

Photos by IcreateMedia & Micheal Tubes

14 Responses to “May the best Event win!!…The problem with September the 14th!!”
  1. Ikenna Obi says:

    This is absolutely disappointing an disgraceful that firstly you will get the date wrong on your write up “14th July 2013”

    Secondly, deliberately missing out the Leading acts of ‘Heartless Carer’ Yvonne Hays and Ikenna Obi from the write up again is a wrong move and very childish. It is appauling that such mercurial attitude is unnecessary and undermines what will all strive for to establish a solid foundation.

    • Your comment makes a lot of sense…thank you! 🙂
      However I deliberately missed Yvonne hays out as she is not a cast of London na wa or nominated for any awards at the NUBAA I know of considering this post is about stars facing the struggle of choosing the event to honour with their presence despite their involvement in two or more events happening on the same day.

      Do feel free to comment on other blogs too whilst you’re here. Take care 🙂

    • Nne says:

      Ikeena over stupidity is worrying you and pls do us a favour and go hug a faulty transformer in NIGERIA.. Are you blind, stupid or just too old to read what Princess has written? Date wrong? You should go specsavers and get glasses for grand dads. So you think cos you speak too much grammar we should respect you? You and your fake chested girlfriend Yvonne hays are so perfect together with your fake lives, and pls go have a Botox you two cos your old aged face is so annoying. Mtchewwwwwwww..

      Princess my girl, I love you and your blogs so keep them coming and damn on the desperate annoying nonchalantly messed up brainless idiots

  2. Ikenna Obi says:

    I appreciate that you are trying to create a good write up for your business, however a little research will enable you get the date write first and acknowledge/appreciate an error was made.

    Secondly if you checked properly by carrying out a research you will again find out that I was nominated!

    Thirdly you couldn’t and rightfully shouldn’t and couldn’t have missed out the Main Female leading act when mentioning ‘HeartLess Carer’

    Finally I don’t think I should comment on any blogs until you get your sources of information on a reliable status and also be a journalist with integrity. Thanks 👍

    • Thank you. Again…My blog had a message and if I achieved it to my viewers without mentioning Yvonne Hays as is Unnecessary considering the nature of this post. I believe I had a successful one.

      Ikenna Obi, please re-read my blog. You were mentioned. i know you are nominated too. Good luck.

      Yvonne Hays has my email and number if she has a problem she can contact me. I have not related my business plans with you so I’m sure you are unaware of it’s nature, Do omit that when you make references to my blog.

      Have a nice day and please do read the post again. All research was done. I am no one’s personal promoter.

  3. chichi says:

    Who the hell is this ikenna Obi? that’s the thing with you London people. You guys dont like people progressing. Princess Carry Go! i LOVE yOUR BLOG!

  4. Ola says:

    Yes oo… 3 crazy events in 1Night!

  5. lizzy says:

    Ikeena or wateva you call yourself. please go do someting better with you time! As you can see, Princess is doing someting much better with hers!

  6. yemi says:

    And so what if Yvonne is NOT mentioned? You people worry ur self over little issues!

  7. nana says:

    Princess why are u even stressing yourself over this wanna be superstar? kmt. You london people need to grow up. Besides Ikenna why are kissing Yvonne’s ass!

  8. Angella says:

    Princess don’t worry about these enemy of progress, jealousy dey kill them. kmt

  9. Anita says:

    This Ikeena man too, what is your own. leave Princess alone oooo. why are you hating. you London people kaii.

  10. Cherry says:

    I love your BLOG hun!!!!, don’t mind Ikeena. like you said if Yvonne Hays or what ever her name is, has a problem with her name not been mentioned she should argue herself and not you Ikeena!!. Get A life!

  11. B says:

    OMG!!! Are you serious Ikenna? That is so rude and uncalled for!!! All the names mentioned had two events to attend that day so I don’t understand why this unnecessary aggro about main character’s name not been mentioned.. If this is how you speak to people then well good luck with that cos it will take you no where.. Also the dates are correct as far as I can see…… Princess is no one’s personal promoter and there’s nothing wrong with her blog. As you was so angry with her, you should have sent a private message to voice your concern rather than here where the whole world could see. This is not cool @ all.

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