Exclusive Interview with Producer Roseline Sanni-Ajose on her new film-Labo…Life is a Journey!


Good Morning…I want to start by saying I really appreciate your time. To get straight to the point –Labo, Life is a journey-How did that go?

Roseline: When you say experience shooting Labo! Do you mean here in London or Nigeria? Lol because both locations were very challenging!!…London weather gave us a bit of a headache whilst filming the London scenes; It’s was winter time and extremely cold so the day gets dark quickly.

Furthermore, here in London especially, most of the cast have their own personal work. They are not full time actors yet including myself (Roseline) so we had to work according to a time schedule that could suit everyone; That give us a lot of challenges.

However, the Nigeria scenes were funny despite all the odds: The noise from the generators, the hot weather and having to travel from one location to another was a challenge.

Overall we did have lots of fun on set, the cast were always making jokes.

1372_446274262138622_527620662_nRoseline and the crew during the screening of Labo…Photo by Sync Photos.

How far do you think Labo will go?

Roseline: Labo will travel very far I believe. The storyline is a unique one people can relate to it.

Moreover I believe in my calling and I believe that with God as my inspiration, I have nothing to be afraid of.

1069370_538417819540601_1014306503_n Roseline and her Hubby…

What was the most difficult challenge you faced whilst filming and producing Labo?

Roseline: The most difficult challenge I would say was managing people or rather working with people. Human beings are very different people to work with. But I will also say sponsorship and the whole production was a bit challenging too.


And if you had to do it all over again what things would you change?

Roseline: I don’t think I will change anything. I really enjoyed every bit of the production lol.

What was the most enjoyable part of filming and producing Labo?

Roseline: I enjoyed having the social part of it. Everyone was free with each other on set. Full of laughter and it was really fun. I’m looking forward to my next production in November!!


What message do you intend to deliver via the release of Labo on the 2nd?

Roseline: Labo will deliver a powerful message to the young and old generation. I would just like them to come and watch the movie. They would not be disappointed.


And how can we purchase tickets to the movie première on the 2nd of August 2013?

Roseline: People can purchase ticket online @eventbrite or call 07900402591. Prices are 20pounds standard, 35pounds VIP.

Or log on to

Thank you so much for your time…Any last message to the audience you’re expecting tonight?

Roseline: My last massage goes to everybody. As I always say: Keep Moving! BE inspired!


Interview by:

Princess Nicole Taylor

Londonollywood 2013#


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