Exclusive Interview with Miss Olivia Eze on Labo-Life is a Journey!!…


Good Morning…I want to start by saying I really appreciate your time. To get straight to the point –Labo, Life is a journey-How did that go?

Olivia: Well Labo, Life is a journey, by the name tells you that life is a great journey. I had to work with new faces, with the director from Nigeria Mr. Femi Fade and Mrs. Roseline Sanni the producer. It was a really lovely experience on set as I believed I learnt a lot. It was a little difficult but we all coped in the end. I also had to learn Yoruba and worked with a lot of them as well as many other people from a diverse cultural background so I believed I picked up a lot that would help me go further.

How far do you think Labo will go?

 Olivia: I believe Labo will go really far as it is a collaboration of so many different cultures including British, African and Caribbean which most people will relate to. So I believe we have a message for everyone and hopefully it would reach everyone globally.


What was the most difficult challenge you faced whilst filming Labo?:

Olivia-The weather I would say, it was still winter so we had the difficulty of filming despite this. Also I had the challenge of doing a romantic scene with an unfamiliar face

Unfamiliar face? Lol

Olivia– Well, we did get to chat and all before the filming but Unfamiliar such that we had no romantic relationship but on set and that was pure acting!


And if you had to do it all over again what things would you change?

Olivia: I would not change a thing. I believe everything went smoothly and Roseline really put a lot into producing this movie. As well as Femi Fadeyi in directing and everyone else on set.


What was the most enjoyable part of filming Labo?:

Olivia; Working with such a wonderful cast and crew and getting to showcase my talent in a different way…hmm lol-That’s all.

What message do you intend to deliver via the release of Labo on the 2nd of August 2013?

Olivia: That life indeed is a journey and it is full of ups and downs and so many more but we all need to be wise about each challenge we face.


And how can we purchase tickets to the movie première on the 2nd of August 2013?

Olivia: Online @Eventbrite or log on to for more details.

You can also call 07900402591 for last minute tickets or directly via my twitter @Missoliviaeze.

Regular tickets are available at a price of £20 per ticket and £35 per VIP ticket.

Thank you so much for your time…Any last message to the audience you’re expecting tonight?

Olivia: Yes, I would love to say thanks to everyone who’s believed in me so far and to sit back because I am not ready to fail them.


Interview by:

Princess Nicole Taylor

Londonollywood 2013#

7 Responses to “Exclusive Interview with Miss Olivia Eze on Labo-Life is a Journey!!…”
  1. sync says:

    That’s my Olibaby! I love my baby. I will treat my baby right.


    I have noting to say than I am in love with u, I want u to give me a chance to proof the love I have for u

  3. Yemi says:

    This lady is too fine! Pls are you married?

  4. guess who says:

    Funny comments from the previous posters! Can I suggest both ‘sync’ and ‘Obedel Nelson Amechi’ battle it out with each other and whoever wins the battle gets to take Olibaby out on a date!

  5. ola says:

    Jesus who is she?!!!

  6. james says:

    Please sync do you know her personally? Where is she located?

  7. femi says:

    How tall is she sef

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