Collins Archie-Pearce versus Prisca’s World of Entertainment!!


Most of you already have an idea what this very recent feud between the Sierra-lone Producer Mr. Collins Archie-Pearce,  and Prisca Richards Blackson CEO of Prisca’s World of Entertainment!!

But today, it got better as there was finally a response from Prisca’s world of entertainment via her Facebook profile.

The origin of this feud, according to my knowledge started with this viral message I received  yesterday morning, on the 23rd of July. The message read:

“Hi, I have received several complaints from concerned people that Prisca Richards has been taking money from vulnerable people, requesting them to register with her company and they, in return, will feature in Nollywood movies here in the UK and they will also automatically secure a role in a film she intended to shoot in May, 2013. These people bitterly complained that after paying £200 each for a yearly subscription/registration, they have never been given any film roles, neither has Prisca shot her movie which should have been shot months ago. They also alleged that she used their money to finance her traditional marriage!! Knowing fully well that she doesn’t intend to shoot any movie. After my investigations, followed by phone calls made to Prisca (As I was her manager at the time), It appears to be true, that she has no structured company and that she has no connections to get directors/producers to automatically cast her so-called clients for roles in their movies. Because I was her manager at the time, I have been faithfully recommending her to lots of people, who, because of my recommendations, have registered with her so-called company and they’re now blaming me for their predicament. I want you all to know that I was oblivious to this her scam and I urge everyone that has fallen victim of this scam to request their money back or inform me asap, so that I can take the necessary legal actions on your behalf.This dubious activity has to stop in the industry and us producers will unitedly  expose anyone guilty of such scam and bring them to justice. Please circulate”


Signed Collins Archie-Pearce


Prisca Richards Blackson, CEO of her film industry known as Prisca’s World of Entertainment responded only today with the following statement:

“Whatever Mr. Collins Archie-Pearce has written about Prisca  are all lies. Nobody has met Mr. Collins to Complain about Prisca. Mr. Collins is Sending messages around to spoil an innocent woman who God has sent to deliver Actor/ Actresses from harrassment. A woman God has given to this generation to liberate the minds of people. Prisca is a christian.A great Actor and a producer,an Evangelist,who can not hurt a fly. Mr Collins is just an Uneducated fellow who does not know the meaning of management. Collins failed in his duties as a manager. Collins had a fight with Actress Vivian Egbon, After she accused him of being a gossip. As soon as Collins realized that Prisca had heard about his shameful Act and his gossips about the Actress, after Prisca asked him of doing such to Vivian Egbon…Collins, to cover his shame started sending insultive msges to Vivian and Prisca. He said to someone, He’ll lie to people to spoil Prisca’s Business. All Mr Collins wrote about PRISCA’s world of ENTERTAINMENT are all lies. Collins should go to his country and gossip.He should leave Nollywood and Nigerians alone. PRISCA’s WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT has come to stay. Supported by NOLLYWOOD home and abroad. Prisca, u are a woman of Virtue and we are behind u. All Actors/Actresses,Co producers are behind u. Do ur thing. Shoot ur movies when u want. Production is not an easy task. Collins is not an Actor or a producer,So he does not know how it works. He should go back to his cleaning job and stop deceiving pple. Collins is having a big fight with his wife and his sister inlaw after impregnating another woman. Such an infidelity. Collins should go and manage his home and stop spoiling people. What lies that he manages Actors when he can not even manage his home. Which man in his right senses gossips,He said”the movie by Theodora “shameful deceit” is worthless. Everyone beware of Mr Collins. I am Oladele Ojo of Nollywood.”



Aside from a few grammatical errors, It is obvious that the message sent around by Producer Collins Archie-Pearce has stirred up some negative response in Nollywood UK.

Elbert Hubbard once said :

“If men could only know each other, they would neither idolise nor hate”

After listening to both sides I personally believe that the fact established is that at some point Collins Archie Pearce was managing Prisca Richards Blackson…However, there’s a little infamous quote that goes

“When you hear a story…There is the story from the story teller, The story you choose to believe, and the story that really happened”

If this relationship between Collins and Prisca however had deteriorated at some point due to personal arguments, or as Collins would hope us to believe, due to fraud which Prisca was carrying out without his knowledge; I personally believe that the two should and would have handled it differently.

I have personally met the two and admire them both for their work in the Nollywood industry here in the UK and abroad. However, all this extra gossip and intentions of exposing  each other with the intent to destroy is quite appalling.


Confucius warned…”If you set off to embark on a journey of revenge…Dig 2 graves!”…



Princess Nicole Taylor

Londonollywood 2013#



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