24 hours to change someone’s Life!!…

Finestrock magazine is about the recognition of achievers who have excelled in their areas of business/work despite tight obstacles.

Finestrock Magazine represents fashion, entertainment, arts and sciences in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Their mission is to show that Africans are capable of excellence by always celebrating the best African events and also the brightest African people.

Finestrock Magazine in celebration of their work have chosen to honour a well deserved participant of their new competition to choose who becomes the face of their magazine!!

The winner would need to have not just the look, but the capacity to represent all that Finestrock magazine stands for.

I have had the opportunity to interview one of the contestants on what the hype was about and why he believes he has a chance of winning.


Mr. Chikezie Ukandu, a competitor to be the face  of Finestrock Magazine’s response was “I know the competition is pretty heated. We have only from tonight till Tuesday to get as many votes as possible. I believe I should be voted for because I know I have what it takes…Its not only  about being beautiful or looking good but its to mix it with brains…I MEAN being intelligent!!”

To vote for Chikezie Ukandu please click on the link below:

To visit the site and get more information about the competition please visit:

Princess Nicole Taylor

Londonollywood 2013#


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