Are you always in control?



“Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge.”

– Scott Adams


“Our intelligence and awareness can make it difficult for us to control our actions”

Can what we know or think we know hurt us?


I believe Scott Adam’s response to forgiveness is one that incorporates our ability to know so much, that we have to control it with forgiveness.

Being hurt is inevitable. What we do after we get hurt however is what we sometimes are incapable of.

Ever come across questions that you have no answer but:

“I don’t know till I’m in the situation”?


How much control do we really have?


Forgiveness is divine…not human.

The ability to bear a grudge and plot a revenge might be fascinating but knowing (I believe) that we have only enough control over ourselves should inspire us to forgive.

I believe our intelligence and awareness should make it easier and difficult to control our actions. However, our personality is the steering that pushes us in the right direction.


So I say, as you build your future…make sure to build your personality too…

Discover forgiveness and it’s divine nature too…


Princess Nicole Taylor…

inspired by Naz/Criminal Minds


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