“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

-Abraham Lincoln.


If this is the case…

Why do we insist on making actions or words by people whom we encounter have such great effect on the way we feel?

Growing up within an African community in the UK, religion was a big aspect and I remember a song that went:

“Count your blessings name them one by one….and see how much God has done for you”

Even if we do not have a lot to be proud of or to make us “happy” with ourselves, why do we still get so upset when some things go wrong? Are we not still alive to keep trying?

Training as a mental health nurse for a few years at Kingston University, depression was a very arguable subject for me.

I completely understood the reasons behind depression and the reasons people tend to feel depressed.

The only thing even my lecturers could not answer to my satisfaction was:

“Why do they take it so personal?”

Psychology and science believe it’s the way we deal with our emotions that helps us get over depression or the chances of being depressed after an incident; Something to do with the way we cognitively process each event.

From my opinion, If you think you need the sunshine to be happy, then I suggest you try dancing in the rain!

I have never witnessed an emotion that feels as good as overcoming a problem. This is the anticipation I face each time a challenge comes my way.

It’s very simple:

Once you have life I believe that all is well.


Without hope there can never be happiness.

Hope gets you up in the morning because you hope you have a better day than yesterday.

Hope gives you the courage to meet new people because you hope to achieve a lot on the network you build.


Religion should never be imposed; however, realising that you’re not alone can be a great step to being fulfilled in yourself and walking forward with courage.

The way I see it?

You Only Live Once!…Do what you can in this life…and when things don’t go your way? Be happy!

It only means you’re about to tell a successful story to an audience that would applaud your determination and strive to survive.

An old saying goes: “The patient dog eats the fattest bone”

I personally think that dog must have waited eagerly and without moaning every second till his reward came.

Most times positivity results to more positivity…

Your attitude can go a long way towards your success…

Learn from your mistakes…Improve on yourself…BUT…Always be happy and grateful because You Only Live Once!

Princess Nicole Taylor…

One Response to “YOLO”
  1. Issac nkem says:

    Really love your work. Well done.

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