Make a hole in your pocket!

2012-11-27 12.00.04

A year ago, a friend of mine from Spain sent a postcard and it read:

‘Put your problems in a pocket with a hole in it’



My first translation was she wanted me to forget all my problems as time went on…right?


But I went on further to try and understand the meaning until I fell across something by Abraham  on the web that said:


“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

— Albert Einstein


‘Same level of thinking?’


Then it occurred to me…

I began to realise that very often I tend to create problems for myself with no significance at all.

‘It’s all in the head’

If we do not set our priorities right we end up with truck load of problems.

We criticize each experience at different levels of thinking as life goes on.

We experience so much in life that changes the level of thinking we were once at.

The problems I created for myself when I was 20 can not remain with me when I am 40 unless I decide to still consider it a problem.

Life goes on.


My understanding of my friend’s postcard was:

We have so many problems we encounter in life.

However, the priority and direction we take to approach these problems is what decides the solution and effect each problem has on us.

We create our own future!!

Set your priorities right and everything else should fall in place.

So I considered my priorities and made a hole in my pocket.

It’s funny…but I can honestly say:

Being focused on the bigger things in life seems to be working okay for me.

The problems that fell off the hole in my pocket as life went on?

Yeah, they got fixed surprisingly too, only I stopped considering them as significant problems.

Life is too short only because we have limited time…We need to set our priorities because of this…

‘Put your problems in a pocket with a hole in it’

Your priority will determine the size of the hole.


(Food for thought)

Princess Nicole Taylor



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