Am I a learner??

“I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.”
Abraham Lincoln.

‘Are you a learner?’
A very common Nigerian joke.

I personally do not disagree with justice. The evil should learn from their mistakes hence the good willed should reap a glorious life.

There is a God.

It’s my personal belief that most relationships do not grow when people choose to take it upon themselves to assign themselves a role meant for God.

We all do not walk the same path…We all arrived from a different journey…BUT…We are all working towards a brighter future…
It’s very simple…

‘If you truly forgive, you do not have to forget’.

We can only learn from our experience. It has been argued that experience is the best teacher, so be grateful for the experiences you get to overcome with forgiveness.


Nobody is perfect…but there is uniqueness in all of us.
An honest mistake deserves an honest forgiveness.


Only a true apology should be given. If you are not sorry, do not say you are. You are entitled to your own actions

People make mistakes…people deserve an apology when they have been wronged…forgive, only because you’re not perfect and learn because life goes on.

Am I a learner?

(Food for Thought)

Princess Nicole Taylor

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