• Imagination is only but the beginning of Creation -Princess Nicole Taylor
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Chasing Dreams…

Chasing Dreams…


Good Wealth? Good Health?

  I’m still playing around with lyrics and poems so here’s another one for you: I’m inspired by the sad sad stories of people loosing their lives and possessions. I’m inspired by how much humanity is being lost in the world I’m inspired by the need for change: -In perception -Need for love and peace… … Continue reading

If we continue to Judge Ourselves by Our ability to fit in, We will never stand out.

Don’t compare yourself to Others… There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They Shine when it’s their time … . . . Find Peace… And Everything else will fall into place  Photo By Nelson Spyk

Life is good when you can see it from the right perspective. If you don’t feel so, you just need to change your view ;)

It’s simple… The only thing that’s stopping you from living the type of life you’ve imagined? It’s the bullshit story you keep telling yourself.   I have a short quiz…   So if you woke up and you lost everything?  Do you see that you’ve lost everything? Or you’ve got a golden opportunity to start … Continue reading

The Hidden Irony- Of Love.

I have a little poem I’ve constructed… I hope you like it 🙂 It’s my idea of the irony of falling in and out of love. And the unrealistic assumptions I think most people have …. Here It goes…   We fall Head over Heels. Like an Obsession. Burning way deep inside. It feels like … Continue reading

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